Targeted at the rise of entrepreneurial talents who wish to take control of their creative ventures, Eito Music is an arts services company that enables artists to realise their artistic ideas in a commercially viable way. 


Eito Music offers consultation and project management services in:

  1. Live and album production

  2. Fundraising strategy

  3. Marketing

  4. Physical and digital distribution


Eito Music has an in-house record label, and a roster of artists whom we manage. 





There is no doubt that the beginning years of an artist's career can be challenging. We have spent years honing our craft, absorbing knowledge, forming collaborative relationships, and developing artistic maturity. Some of us may have come out of conservatoires with a handful of awards, and others may have built a following within the industry. Ultimately, we all face the same challenge: to build a sustainable and artistically fulfilling career.


Traditionally, young artists compete in competitions, await for talent scouts from record labels or artist management to discover them. Some will be offered recording contracts and build a successful career, some won't, some will be offered recording contracts and still won't build a successful career.


Today, in this ever-changing industry, artists are able to take control of their career. We can initiate our own cross-artform concert projects that suit our niche, we can collaborate with filmmakers to make a classical music video or projected works that are screened before concerts, we can plan a mini-festival celebrating the works of a particular composer, we can self-produce an album and through YouTube and Spotify, have our works heard by people all around the world. 


All this is possible with real-life knowledge of production methods, yet production skills are often something that we learn out of conservatoires with a massive, time-consuming, and sometimes costly learning curve. For example, an artist would only realise the importance of marketing strategy after presenting a handful of ill-attended performances, or realise the importance of assigning ISRC-codes after learning that tracks from their self-produced album have been aired on the radio but no royalties could be assigned without the codes.


This is the reason I have founded Eito Music: to share the acquired production knowledge and skills, so that you can fast-track the learning curve and build a portfolio of successful projects, and ultimately, build a sustainable and successful career.


Belle Chen

Founding Director,

Eito Music Ltd.


Find out more about Belle on www.bellechen.com

"Original and provocative" - Brian Eno

2015 Winner of Classical Music Rising Star- London Music Awards

2014 NOISE Festival Curator's Choice for Music Award

2014 Finalist Award for The American Prize

2014 & 2015 UK Graduate Entrepreneur endorsed by Royal Academy of Music