Eito Music enables talent to realise their artistic ideas in a commercially viable way whilst maintaining artistic integrity.

Our collective of producers and consultants offer consultation and project management services in the areas of live and album production, fundraising, marketing, and distribution.


  • Budget planning and timeline planning to ensure a well-organised and financially viable project

  • Album production, including consultation and project management of:

    • Album artwork design

    • Branding

    • Album manufacture

    • Merchandise manufacture

    • ISRC codes, EAN barcodes & production technicalities

    • Handling of licensing and royalties on behalf of recording artist

    • Organising launch event for album release

    • Marketing & PR: reviews, radioplay, and more

    • Digital and physical distribution (see 'Distribution')

  • Live production, including consultation and project management of:

    • Fundraising & partnership strategy (see 'Fundraising')

    • Event management for the performance

    • Assistance in concept development, including drawing of contracts, organisation of rehearsal schedule and space, and more

    • Marketing & PR: features, reviews, social media strategy, and more

    • Merchandise manufacture

    • Licensing

  • Developing a marketing campaign and marketing pack

  • Coordinating with speciailist PR firms

  • Identifying and establishing strategy to cooperate with media partners

  • Digital marketing and social media strategy

  • E-Mail database strategy

  • Corporate sponsorship strategy:

    • Brand value audit

    • Design proposition and sponsorship pack

    • ​Identify target funders

  • Planning and project management of fundraising events

  • Establishing crowd-funding strategy

  • Partnership strategy:

    • Identify venue, production, and media partners

    • Design partnership proposition

    • Creative execution of partnership activities


  • Physical distribution to independent music stores across UK, Asia, Australia, and USA

  • Digital distribution to all major digital retailers, including iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, and more. 


Contact us for more details or to arrange a consultation session.

Please include an overview of your project, and the area of production that we may assist with.